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I'm Randall Jarmon. I write suspense novels for conservative and centrist readers, all of whom might or might not be Christians. Some classical liberals might also like my work. As for Progressives, I wish them a nice day, but they'll want to look elsewhere for their novels. 


They'd want to look elsewhere since my stories deeply respect the America of not so long ago -- back before corrosive Wokeness, back when family values prevailed, and back when most citizens were proud to be Americans. If you're my age, you might fondly recall days like those.


At first, I only meant to write suspense novels for Christian readers. There's actually a genre called Christian fiction. However, my goal soon changed.


It changed when I realized that my stories could work just as well for non-believers as for believers. Each story had the same author. Each had strong action-adventure for men, light romance for women, and suspense for all. I also try to ensure none of my novels gets preachy. So, if you want something, say, to discuss with your significant other during long trips in the car, or while lingering over a good dinner, my novels just might fit your needs. 


I publish through a tiny Texas firm called Mikvelk Publishing, LLC and am one of Mikvelk's owners. Mikvelk and I share my website since this small business is a very small business. Even so, Mikvelk's ebooks and paperbacks are distributed by Ingram, which can be accessed by roughly forty thousand bookstores worldwide. You also can buy our stories through Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and more -- but not on Amazon.


In 2016 something like sixty-five million Americans voted for Donald Trump, which tells me that at least fifty million Americans are open to novels from conservative authors. If you are among these fifty or more million readers, you already might have realized conservative suspense novels can be hard to find. If so, I suggest that you'll like my very humble website. Think of it as the suspense novel section of a good small town library long ago.


Randall Jarmon

April 2024




Some of our fifteen novels are lightly Christian. Some are secular. These two have a foot in each camp.