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Please Note: "randalljarmon.com" and "mikvelk.com" Operate as One Website


Actually, they are two websites that share the same cluster of Web pages. We are such a tiny firm that this approach reduces our IT workload while having no discernible effect on our site's users. So, if you type in the URL "mikelk.com" you will be redirected automatically to "randalljarmon.com". Someday we might have to set up and maintain two sites of loosely comparable size, but we hope to avoid that.


Contact Information


Mikvelk Publishing, LLC can be contacted at admin@mikvelk.com. 


Privacy Policy


The same privacy policy covers mikvelk.com and randalljarmon.com. You can access it from the footer on each of our site's pages. Click on the words "Privacy Policy."


How to Buy Our Novels


We distribute our fifteen titles, each one in both ebook and paperback format, through Ingram. You can order a title through any of about 40,000 bookstores worldwide. You also can get novels through Barnes & Noble, Gardner Books, Kobo, and--soon--Apple books.


We do not distribute through Amazon.com. Maybe in a year or so. Maybe not. 


If you want to buy directly from our website, you can do so from our Titles page or by clicking on one of the buy links below. Your order will go directly to Ingram for processing. All our books can be read in any order. There is always enough back story. However, we will show the logical order for the Riley/ Blue Dog series below just in case one prefers a sequence.


Although the Christian fiction novels are written for non-believers to enjoy, too, we show them separately.


The Riley/ Blue Dog Christian Fiction Sequence (which you don't have to follow)


Winning Numbers: An Introduction to the Riley Family

Rebel's Trap

Sheila and Recluse

Battle Springs

Spitzer Zahn

When Founders Leave


A Single Stand-alone Christian Novel


The Gun Lap: A Story of Revenge and Faith


Novels that have one foot in Christian Fiction and One Foot in Secular Fiction (read in any order)


Mudfoot and Tori

Tara and Bootstrapper


Secular Novels (read in any order)


Among the Ruthless

Flat Light

From Us

The Thin Man's Poison

The Dalhart Pursuit

The Rainstorm Revolt



Mikvelk Publishing, LLC

March 2024