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Here's why we might be different from what you'd expect:


We are a tiny publishing company incorporated in Texas. MIKVELK began in West Texas, spent pleasant years there, and eventually moved to Coppell, which is just outside Dallas. We increasingly work in both Arizona and Texas.

We have only one author, Randall Jarmon. That outcome makes quality control much easier for us. He is also one of MIKVELK's owners.

Our titles presently are distributed worldwide by Ingram in both ebook and  paperback formats. Our titles are available to about 40,000 bookstores and most major online retailers. However, you won't yet find us on Amazon yet. Maybe in a year.

All our novels are written for conservatives and centrists. Some classical liberals might like our titles, too. We wish progressives well, but they'll want to look elsewhere.

Our novels are written to please both men and women. We hope to give readers useful material for interesting conversations with significant others in the car or over dinner. Furthermore, we might someday sell more books if both the reader and the significant other enjoyed them. That could halve each reader's cost, right?

Before we launch a title, we send it to the reviewers at Readers' Favorite. That's a reality check for us. We've used Readers' Favorite for years and have come to trust their good judgement. Some of them are authors, themselves. We think they know what to look for on behalf of readers.

We publish both Christian fiction and secular fiction. Since we use the same author and hold all our novels to the same high standards, the same story can usually work well for both Christian and secular readers.


The main such difference in novel structure might be that our Christian novels offer more extensive characterization of the protagonists. We disclose more of what the characters believe, but we always leave readers free to believe whatever they want.

Finally, we try to meet what we call the three-plane test. In West Texas, you need to take two planes to reach just about anyplace. The first one is to a hub airport and the next one's to your big-city destination. That's if you're lucky. If your destination is a small town instead of a big city, there could be another plane after the big-city airport. 


We've had our share of three-plane travel days. We know that a good novel can be wonderful, almost therapeutic escape from the inherent drudgery in such journeys. Then, if the novel is really good, flight delays are welcome news! So are long waits for baggage! Each means more uninterrupted time to read.


Mikvelk Publishing, LLC

February, 2024