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About Mikvelk


MIKVELK has these features:

1. We only publish suspense novels written by one author, Randall Jarmon. This makes quality control much easier for us. Expect consistently good reads.

2. Just to be sure our quality is top-notch, we test each novel against the Readers' Favorite review process before we publish. Readers' Favorite has done work for James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, and David Baldacci. We assume each of these famous writeres got five stars for each novel he submitted. So did Randall Jarmon.

3. We publish novels that both Christian and secular readers can enjoy. All sorts of nice people like a terrific suspense novel. Just have a great story, let the characters show a little of what they believe, and let your readers believe whatever they want.

4. Each of our novels is written for both men and women. Dr. Jarmon weaves in romance for women, action for men, and suspense for both. We try hard to help you have a good book discussion with your significant other.

5. We keep a book club's diverse membership in mind. All our stories are for both Christian and secular readers, but we classify them as either Christian or secular, depending upon the scope. We intend to please both men and women. We also ensure our characters come from more than one generation.

6. We are a virtual company operating internationally. You likely can get our ebooks wherever English is spoken.

That's easily enough about us. Time to stop.

MIKVELK Publishing, LLC